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405 West Pothouse Road

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Welcome to Shep’s Yard Landscape Supply. We specialize in bulk and bagged landscaping products including mulch, soil, stone and sand. We also carry a variety of decorative stone, building stone and boulders. Please take some time and visit our products page for a full list of products we carry and pricing. If you are looking for bulk material and need help figuring out how much you will need for your product, please use our mulch calculator.

Shep's Yard offers a SUPERIOR blend of Hardwoods. Our hardwood is a NICE & CLEAN mixture of Oak, Ash, Hickory, Maple and Cherry, and is split to manageable pieces that are 16-18” in length. It smells great, looks great, and burns great!

Shep's Yard offers various types of soils to fit all of your landscaping needs!

A smooth and round decorative stone in various colors used for gardens, pools and landscape drainage, and varies in size of about a golf ball to tennis ball.

405 West Pothouse Rd  |  Phoenixville, PA 19460


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