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Our bulk materials are sold by the ‘cubic yard’ (27 cubic feet) and half ‘yard’. One yard covers approximately 100 square feet at 3 inches thick. All bulk materials are available by pick-up or delivery. All prices are subject to change without notice. Not all products are available at all times. Please call for current availability.

Not sure how much material you need? Use our material calculator.

Black Dyed and Brown Dyed Mulch

  • color enhanced combination of hardwoods and softwoods dyed with water based coloring to maintain its dark appearance
  • triple ground for a finer appearance
  • for best results, allow 24 hours of dry weather after installation to limit fading and wash-off of color

Price Per Yard


Triple Ground Hardwood

  • dark brown color
  • a combination of roots and selective natural hardwoods which have been triple shredded
  • breaks down nicely to help enrich the soil

Price Per Yard


Premium Cedar Mulch

  • an aromatic mulch that naturally repels insects
  • light auburn in color (not red)
  • great for erosion control

Price Per Yard


Premium Bark Mulch

  • naturally rich and dark brown in color
  • comprised of shredded, well aged bark
  • lower on the PH level, and great for plants that need more acid

Price Per Yard


Certified Playground Mulch

  • a specialized ground cover for use as protective surface in play areas
  • produced from 100% virgin wood
  • natural wood color

Price Per Yard



  • blend of selected hardwoods chipped, not ground

Price Per Yard


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