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Seasoned Firewood

Shep's Yard offers a SUPERIOR blend of Hardwoods. Our hardwood is a NICE & CLEAN mixture of Oak, Ash, Hickory, Maple and Cherry, and is split to manageable pieces that are 16-18” in length. It smells great, looks great, and burns great!


You can pick it up during normal business hours, or we can deliver it.

Seasoned Firewood

Price for Pickup Hardwood Mixture:

16”-18"  Mixture





¼ Cord



½ Cord



Full Cord


12"  Mixture





¼ Cord



½ Cord



Full Cord


*Delivery cost is additional and depends on your zip code

We also carry wood for smoking $1.25 piece


Price for Stacking (does not include delivery)


$60.00/½ cord $100.00/full cord *These are baseline numbers and are estimates only! There are variables that could increase your cost, including distance from where the truck can dump, if a wheelbarrow is necessary, whether there are steps involved, or other obstacles that may hinder the process.

Firewood Disclaimer

A note about our firewood: When the firewood leaves our business, it is fully seasoned (unless otherwise noted).  There are many variables that are out of our control; such as how, when and where it is stacked that can increase or decrease its seasoned quality.  If seasoned firewood is not stored properly, it WILL regain moisture.  It's crucial that you stack this firewood in a DRY location, which is exposed to sun and wind, off the ground and out of the rain.  Firewood needs to be stacked so that air can circulate through and around it.  Ideally, it should be purchased by the end of August - then properly stacked, uncovered and allowed to dry until October. Throughout the winter, cover only the top portion of the firewood stack.  Seasoned firewood will naturally have bark and kindling.  As firewood dries and seasons, the bark tends to fall off the wood.  Thus, seasoned wood will typically have loose bark mixed in with the firewood.  Our firewood is loaded with a machine, therefore this bark and kindling won’t be separated from your wood.  Use this kindling to your advantage while starting your fires, it is not trash. Prior to purchase, your firewood was stored outside. Please understand; in order to continue the seasoning process, we store our wood outside and uncovered in a large pile on clean, dry blacktop. Therefore, if your firewood was delivered during a rainy time or freezing temperatures, you will need to allow the wood to sit unexposed to the elements for several days before burning.


*Due to the nature of firewood and the variables associated with it, all firewood sales are final.

"Piling your wood under dripping eaves or in an uncovered heap in the yard is comparable to buying or growing a bunch of beautiful fresh asparagus and then overcooking it: you get no refund for ruining it." (pg. 8) Thomas, D. The Woodburner's Companion - Practical Ways of Heating with Wood


"According to a field study conducted by the U.S. Forest Service, wood properly stored in a dry and windy place will reach a moisture content of 20% in as little as two weeks!  If rain falls on it, or if it's piled in a damp area where little wind reaches it, the wood may never reach 20% moisture content.  So, proper storage is key: if you store your wood properly in the right place, you don't need a year to season it.  As long as conditions are right, you can have burnable wood in far less time than a year."  (pg. 143-144) Thomas, D. The Woodburner's Companion - Practical Ways of Heating with Wood

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